The clinic offers diagnosis and treatment of all sports injuries. The Clinic is led by Mr Manoj Sood who is a leading and respected Specialist Orthopa doc Surgeon with nearly two decades of experience. He sees and treats weekend warriors as well as athletes. He provides a comprehensive assessment including rapid access to high quality MRI scanning and quick and accurate diagnosis as well as effective treatment to get you back on track as soon as possible.

Conditions treated

  • Sudden onset knee pain and swelling after injury
  • Knee cartilage injuries
  • Knee ligament including ACL injuries
  • Tendon pain

Book an appointment

If you have sustained a knee injury or have sports related knee pain and would like to book an assessment with Mr Sood, call us on 01727 761686.

The cost for an initial consultation and assessment (30 minutes) is £250. Any x-rays or scans required will be separately charged.