One Medical offers a range of minor surgery services, including skin surgery, mole removal and dermatology. The initial consultation for our minor surgery services involves a careful history and examination of the skin growth in question.

After the examination, our doctors will provide you with a detailed quotation for the removal of the lesion, which may include sending a sample to the lab for histology if necessary.

The cost of the procedure can vary depending on factors such as the number of lesions, their location, and size.

To book an assessment with one of our experienced GPs, Dr S Zaman or Dr P Fernando, click the appointment with the date and time that suits you best using the calendar below.

There is a deposit of £45 for the initial consultation. The cost to remove a single skin lesion starts from £250 and the initial consultation fee will be deducted from the treatment cost if booked. All treatments include post operative follow up and suture removal if necessary.

Contact us today to discuss your skin concerns and explore your treatment options.

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