Arthrosamid is a novel and innovative injection that is different to hyaluronic acid both in its structure and in how long it remains in the joint. It uses non-biodegradable hydrogel technology, and is 97.5% water 2.5% cross linked polyacrylamide. Once injected into the joint it restores viscosity within the joint fluid, improving lubrication and cushioning the arthritic joint providing pain relief. The polyacrylamide hydrogel integrates into the synovium (the tissue lining the joint that produces joint fluid) remaining permanently.

The injection is performed with strict sterile technique under ultrasound guidance. Local anaesthetic is used to make the injection virtually pain-free. Excess joint fluid is removed and then the Arthrosamid is injected. It is a walk in walk out procedure done in the outpatient clinic. As the injection remains in the joint for many years, as part of our protocol a single antibiotic dose is given before the injection to reduce further the already very risk of infection.

Most patients notice an improvement in their pain starting about 2-3 weeks after the injection. Some notice pain relief much earlier. The improvement can last for a number of years and so a single injection is needed. A growing number of cases reported in Demark, where a huge number of injections have been performed, report many patients who are still pain free 5-8 years after their first injection.

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