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Why Choose a Private GP in St Albans?

Booking a GP appointment with the NHS in St Albans can be a challenging task, with long wait times and a shortage of primary care provisions. In recent years, an increasing number of patients have turned to private GP services to meet their healthcare needs. But what are the advantages and potential pitfalls of this choice? And is it worth the cost?

One Medical GP Services in St Albans

One Medical Clinics offer a range of benefits to patients in St Albans. Firstly, appointments are usually available on the same day, making it easier to get the care you need when you need it. Secondly, consultations are longer, with a minimum of 15 minutes offered, allowing patients to discuss their concerns in more detail. Private GPs are also not constrained by NHS funding restrictions, which means that tests can be arranged quickly and appropriately, and a high standard of care can be delivered.

Unlike the NHS, One Medical Clinics in St Albans do not use locum doctors, which means patients are more likely to see the same doctor each time they attend. This can help to establish a continuing relationship with the doctor, which can be beneficial for those with long-standing medical problems.

Cost of Private GP Services in St Albans

Of course, private healthcare comes with a cost. Private GP appointments are not covered by the NHS, which means that patients must pay for each consultation. The cost will vary depending on the length of the appointment and the practice chosen. Additionally, any tests and prescriptions will also be charged as private services. This means that patients must pay the cost of the drug plus the pharmacy charge, rather than the NHS prescription charge. If you have an ongoing medical problem, this can result in significant ongoing costs.

Accessing Your Medical History

Another potential issue with private GP services is that your private GP won’t have access to your NHS medical records. This means that patients must provide a clear account of their medical history, which may be problematic for those with complex medical histories. In some cases, the private GP may ask patients to obtain a copy of their NHS records, which will come at an additional cost.

Is Private GP Services Right for You?

While the NHS is a great blessing, it cannot always meet the needs and expectations of every patient. If you feel that private GP services may be right for you, give us a call at One Medical Clinics in St Albans. Our private GP services are designed to run alongside NHS provisions and provide access to high-quality care that meets your unique healthcare needs.